Drifting Out To Sea

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Black Gold | ©Larry Beard   (California, US)


moon and star


tom ford s/s 2014

the dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars 2014 after party

Don’t let her swim aRAY || pc: @brooklynhawaii // @honokea @waiolalife @issademar #honokealifestyle

"You wanna know what living life to the fullest actually is? It’s waking up on a Monday morning with no complaints. It’s knowing you always deserve to laugh. It’s doing what feels right no matter what. It’s doing what you want to, no matter how stupid you look. It’s about being yourself, ‘cause no one can tell you you’re doing it wrong."

- Unknown (via youlooklikesomethingblooming)

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"It’s 2am and I miss you
just like I did last night at 9pm
and just like I will tomorrow
at 6am when I wake up without you"

- Pien Pouwels  (via confusingmisery)

(via hakunamatuta)

"Once your hurt, and your trust is betrayed, you may forgive. But forgetting and starting over will never be an option."

- (via quackerdumpling)

"The moment of betrayal is the worst, the moment when you know beyond any doubt that you’ve been betrayed: that some other human being has wished you that much evil. It was like being in an elevator cut loose at the top. Falling, falling, and not knowing when you will hit."

- Margaret Atwood, in The Handmaid’s Tale (Kindle | Powell’s). (via vmarinelli)